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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Remakes Or Should I Say Redux

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I have never been a big fan of remakes, especially remakes that include iconic characters that we grew up with like Jason and Freddy. Out of all the remakes that have happened so far, only My Bloody Valentine is one I would consider enjoyable.
I thought the Friday The 13th remake was a train wreck and at first I was upset over A Nightmare On Elm Street. I have gotten over Nightmare though, I like many others have always thought about what a non-funny Freddy would be like. I never minded the campiness per say, but to me the character could have been so much more. The concept is scary as hell and Freddy needs to be too but after the first film he just wasn't. This got me wandering, what other films could actually BENEFIT from being remade, not a flat out remake, but I guess a reimagining for lack of a better term. I have put together a list of a few movies that, to me, could have been so much more, especially when it comes to horror. Let me know your thoughts.

Gremlins was the first one to come to mind. This film is called a horror comedy, but I never found much horror in it, mostly comedy. But can you picture them taking out the comedic element? I can see some badass scary Gremlins, especially with today's technology, I don't want CGI but animatronics would be awesome. We have come a long way in that field since the mid 80's. My vision is brutal, relentless eating machines bent on causing the destruction of mankind. Some jump scares, stalking, and a little POV and you could have a good creature feature. I think a little expansion on the origins of the mogwai would benefit as well.

I don't think that anyone could argue with me that RawHead Rex could have been a ton better. For some reason, I think movie companies enjoy screwing up the work of Clive Barker. To really enjoy the RawHead Rex character, you need to read the short story. It didn't help with the look they gave him in the movie, the picture below is a more accurate representation. Clive himself really hated this movie though I don't think as much as he did Nightbreed.

The Stuff is another one. The plot itself is brilliant but is ruined by bad pacing, acting, and dialogue. You could make a very strong socio-political statement, even more so in today's world. A food company that knowingly sells a product that gets people addicted and takes them over. Its perfect, especially with people's distrust of food companies, the FDA, and the government being as high as ever. Real life fears are always worse than fictional ones.

Those are a few of the movies I think could benefit from a redux. I would be really interested to know what films you think could be made better. Of course, there are some films that I don't think should ever be touched, Fright Night and The  Monster Squad top that list.