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Friday, March 12, 2010

Gun Town Review

When 5 high school graduates embark on a road trip to nowhere, it's draw or die as they stumble upon what was once an abandoned tourist trap. The film follows the five friends as they contend with the crazy Bailey family, specifically the sheriff, Frank Bailey Sr as they try to escape Gun Town.
We liked everything about this film. This was the feature film debut of writer/director Lee Vervoort and I couldn't find anything to complain about in his first time out. The cinematography was great with a crystal clear picture. The acting was better than most indie horror with the dialogue seeming less acted and more like real friends having a real conversation. There was good chemistry between the actors and you would swear they really knew each other. Lee himself played dual roles in the film and did a good job as our main antagonist and gets props for picking an effectively creepy mask for the role of sheriff Bailey. I believe the character that stole the show was Frank Bailey Jr played by Andy Grace. He got the best one liners, I laughed my ass off when he was talking about the piano. The Bailey family had a Leatherface/Fire Fly family vibe but Lee never really went into that territory, keeping the story original. The film wasn't overly gory, opting to use psychological horror to induce terror which was a nice change of pace. Our final girl stayed very strong willed, not letting much get to her kind of like Ripley in Alien. This is definitely a film I recommend. It was not drawn out or over acted and the music was really good. The Copper Canyon Ranch location they used for filming was perfect, I couldn't have chosen a better place myself. If you visit the films website you get a good history of the ranch. For the disc itself, Lee chose to have them burned professionally which is a big deal to me, I have watched more than a few bad prints that were done on somebody's computer. The case is sturdy and not made out of inferior plastic. Lee was able to do a lot with the small budget he had. The extras include 2 Trailers, Outtakes and Bloopers, Video Tour with the Director, and Set Photo Slide Show. I enjoyed the video tour the most. All in all, I am a fan of Gun Town and I think after you see it you will be too. You can purchase a copy for yourself by going to the link above and Lee donates $0.25 of every copy sold to the UCP. Keep supporting independent horror.

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