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Friday, March 12, 2010

Punch Review

    As soon as you pop this movie in, the first thing you notice is the awesome music on the menu screen. And when a movies first scene starts with the sound of revving engines and kick ass guns, you know it's going to be sweet.
We see that Trekki, Dart, Niki, and Brand are at a concert. Trekki is obviously a Star Trek fan and is getting picked on as most of them do. Outside, Trekki snags a cigarette from Brand and walks off. When he does we see two different groups of guys, one led by Brand, get into a large fight. We flash to Dart watching Niki trying to have sex with Brand but he moves her off of him and goes to buy more cigarettes. As he is paying for them, Dart shoots the cashier in the head. Dart tells Brand he needs him to do what he does best, to fight. The more Dart talks, you can tell he is an evil dude. He tells Brand that when he takes over, Brand will get what he really wants. We then meet Punk Girls 1&2 plus Skid at a party. Trekki is there pondering why girls always go for the assholes. Skid explains that it is Eve's fault because she couldn't control herself sexually. The girls start getting horny and we get more nudity, which is never a bad thing. Too bad Trekki can't handle himself and blows it in his pants. He leaves embarrassed calling the girls whores. Trekki gets hounded by two guys outside and walks away. As Trekki runs into Dart, the two guys are killed. You'll notice by now that Dart is the devil trying to sway the balance of power. We then get to meet Punch who is talking smack to Eve, the Chinese restaurant owners daughter. She whoops the shit out of him as he gets to introduce himself and starts making out with her. I will end my synopsis there. The rest of the film is an adrenaline filled kick to the balls. The ending was poetic actually and tied everything up really well. Jay Cynik has created a classic that is sure to be loved by genre fans for years to come. The actors were perfect for their individual roles and I saw many future stars. The music that was chosen is completely in sync with the film and everything melded together wonderfully. 1313 FX did another bad ass job with the gore and FX like they did in The Trek. I had to watch this twice in a row I dug it so much. If there is ever a sequel, I will be down for it. In closing to all of our readers, you MUST see this movie. If you would like to learn more, visit their Myspace page at

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