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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Turn Back Time Tuesday- The Stuff Review

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I just watched a movie I had seen many times in my youth, The Stuff. Too bad The Stuff cannot hold up to the test of time.
Its not the worst film by far, and is actually even a little fun but no longer requires repeat viewings. The story follows a new product called The Stuff, a mysterious taste sensation that has taken the country by storm. But when it begins to outsell ice cream as Americas favorite treat, a coalition of food moguls hire an industrial saboteur to uncover the snack's secret formula. Together with an embittered cookie entrepreneur, they discover the horrifying truth: The Stuff is a body snatching treat that turns its hosts into monstrous zombies. The movie is full of plot holes, bad effects, and bad acting but it has a lot of 80's cheese. The jokes and product placement will take you back to the times of Max Headroom and Nightcourt, so in this way the movie is enjoyable. The ending can be seen miles away so you won't be guessing. Anchor Bay put out the dvd and for them, it is a disapointing release. The only extras are a trailer and commentary with Larry Cohen and when you put in the dvd it starts playing automatically, no menu screen. If you are looking to pass some time and don't want to watch something that will make you think, The Stuff is for you.

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