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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Landlord Review

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Last night, Katherine and I sat down to screen the new independent film, The Landlord. We wanted to do a video review but we both came down with the flu. Anyway, on to the review.
Tyler never has trouble finding tenants for his cozy little 3-unit apartment building... he just has trouble keeping them alive to pay rent! You see, Tyler's building is haunted by a pair of 5,000-year-old demons with an insatiable appetite for flesh. And no matter how nicely Tyler asks, he cannot keep them from devouring the tenants. The demons never listen to Tyler, and why should they? After all, they have an all-you-can-eat human buffet and Tyler as their pet monkey. But things could change when Tyler take a liking to the newest tenant, a desperate young woman running from demons of her own. The premise is very easy to follow and never tries to convolute itself. For the most part, the film was very entertaining with a good dose of humor, especially dark, thrown in at just the right time. The acting on the part of the leads was good and pretty believable with only the small roles going into cheese territory which is to be expected. As far as negatives, the only things we could really come up with were make-up and effects. The two demons that haunt Tyler look like Cheetara from Thundercats and Lorne from Angel. The effects are really fake looking, especially in the final scene where there is an explosion. It just looked like someone used their home computer to generate the effect. You can't really hold stuff like that against an independent film though, and it is great that those two items were really the only thing wrong. We can say we recommend this film, the originality shines through and we laughed our asses off. Next time we watch it, we are going to play the built in drinking game. Oh yeah, good times.

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