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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Trek Review

This film had come highly recommended to me so I was very excited to watch it last night. After seeing it, I know why everyone likes it. You can tell the movie was influenced by the 80's which is my favorite period for horror.
The synopsis of the film is:When Keith and Kim Russell head into the mountains on an adventure packed honeymoon, they find much more action than they were expecting. When the newlyweds stumble upon a pair of cave dwelling savages, their romantic getaway quickly becomes a tragic nightmare as each couple tests the limits of how far they are willing to go in order to protect the ones that they love.The film starts out with a disclaimer telling of how this is a true story and the images are very graphic and not suitable for anyone under 18. It then flashes to scenes of nature before the picture goes blank. For a second, I thought I had received a bad copy of the film but that was supposed to happen. A program called Under Investigation pops onto the screen, it reminded me of unsolved mysteries, and through various family members we are introduced and given a back story on the couple. That happens a few times within the film which I thought was a great concept. As you watch the couple and their struggle, it flashes to Under Investigation to give present updates on the case. After the first update, it flashes back to our couple as they hike and talk about their plan for a new life together. The hiking sequence is long and it is a very slow build to the action but you know what's coming so you end up anticipating every move they make. They go for a dip in a creek and find a place to make camp. The next morning, they get up and look out over a clearing discussing how perfect it would be for a cabin. Then you look over their shoulder and notice the cave woman and you know business is about to pick up. I can't tell much more because from here till the end is nonstop action but I can say the ending is great and leaves you wandering. The fight and gore scenes are relentlessly brutal. I have not cringed or turned my head at many films, but in one scene here I had too. The FX were done by 1313FX and they did a masterful job on making everything as realistic as possible. The music was done by Sean Gordon and the way he matched the songs to what was happening on screen was perfect. I would rate it as one of my favorite movie scores in a long time. The film was shot beautifully with almost an art film ambiance. My only complaint was that during the hiking scene, the couple was talking yet their mouths were hardly moving. That kind of reminded me of an old Godzilla movie. But that is a very minor gripe for such a great film. Tom Devlin did an excellent job with the writing as did Lola Wallace with the directing. Even though this was an independent film, it really did not have the feel of one. The two extras included on the disc are Under Investigation interview outtakes and a film maker commentary. I loved this movie and would rate it an 8/10, this is another one that all of you need to see. I have included the trailer so make sure you check that out. You can find the film on ScareFlix for rent or if you want to buy, look on Amazon.

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