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Monday, April 5, 2010

Shock Festival Review

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I was reading an issue of Rue Morgue not too long ago, when I came across an ad for a DVD called Shock Festival.
The ad read: Take a wild journey through the exploitation movie scenes of the 1970s and 1980s with this collection of hundreds of actual previews of coming attractions, television commercials and radio spots for the sleaziest, sexiest most off-the-wall films ever made - all digitally re-mastered from original film elements. This is the ultimate collection of classic exploitation and horror trailers, TV ads and radio spots. This 3-disc set includes new audio and video tribute media, collectable poster and full-color liner notes. I bought the dvd and after watching it, I think this is one of the coolest ideas ever. The first disc is the exploitation disc. You can either watch the feature length trailers compilation or their home made trailers. I chose the feature length compilation, and I was treated to some zany and off the wall films, many I had never heard of. I saw Treasure Of The Four Crowns, Vice Squad, Grimms Fairy Tales For Adults, Conquest, Amazon Jail, Flesh Gordon, and more. I found myself anticipating what trailer would come next. I haven't watched the home made trailers yet, but when I do I will review them. Disc two is the horror disc. The horror trailer compilation was very good, even though I have seen 90% of the films. The trailers shown include: Pieces, Snuff, Beyond The Gate, Pranks, Maniac, Shock Waves, and many more. The other half of the horror disc was dedicated to TV spots and I will review those as well when I have more time. With over seven hours of footage, its hard to watch in one sitting. I actually found myself pausing between some trailers and checking Amazon or Ebay to see if I could get ahold of some of these films either on DVD or VHS. There were only a couple I couldn't track down, but the hunt is half the fun. I didn't even try to watch disc three, so I guess you could say this will be a 2-3 part review. I had a blast watching this dvd, all of the trailers are in the same condition you would have seen them in at a drive in or grindhouse theater, it's all very charming. You won't be able to find this on netflix so the only option is buying it, but if you are a fan of rare and obscure horror or exploitation, this cannot be missed. Aside from the movies, you also get a booklet and poster!! Great watch and great value, pick it up.

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  1. Cool DVDs. I got the book too. If you think the DVDs rock wait til you see the shock festival book