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Friday, March 12, 2010

Us Sinners Review

Us Sinners is the most recent entry by independent film maker George Snow. When I put this movie in the DVD player, I wasn't sure what to expect. The opening of the film gives you a taste of what Tim(Brandon Schraml), the antagonist of the film, had to go through when he was younger when it came to the subject of sexual acts.
The first scene after the opening has Tim receiving oral sex from a prostitute as he prays the whole way through. After climaxing, Tim proceeded to choke the woman to death. He then kisses her and shoves the used condom down her throat. We see early on that he is a prisoner of his religious zealot overbearing mother(Leslie Hughes). Even as an adult, she still puts him over her knee to spank him while he is forced to recite prayers when he does something she does not approve of. He is even ridiculed by the local neighborhood children. Tim is very nervous to talk to normal women in an everyday setting and finds it hard to assert himself even though he is a supervisor at his job. He has flashbacks of the evil things he has done while washing the blood of a victim out of the trunk of his car. This is even done in front of his mother but she pays him no mind as she is too busy scolding a young boy for having firecrackers. All this happens in the first sixteen minutes of the film. That will be my synopsis as I think everyone reading this needs to see the movie for themselves. Us Sinners was very violent, graphic, twisted, and realistic. The ending will stay with you long after you have watched it. When I wrote earlier that I didn't know what to expect, that was a good assessment. I can think of no other movie to compare this to. And that is a good thing because there just is not many original movies being made now. Originality is one thing this film does not lack. I was pleasantly surprised that I had in my DVD player, one of the best independent horror films I have seen. I believe this movie actually works better on the independent platform because it is a psychological slasher and therefore does not need a massive budget. The cinematography was great and gives the film a more real, intimate setting. The acting is superb and you can really believe that Brandon Schraml and Leslie Hughes are emotionally disturbed. Kudos to George Snow for a wonderful screenplay and cast. I am still contemplating what I just watched. I highly recommend this movie, not just to fans of independent horror, but horror fans in general. I promise you will not be sorry. To whet your appetite, I have included the trailer below.

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