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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Problem With Netflix

So I am a little behind the trend and just started my one month free trial with Netflix. Already, I don't like it.
Of course being a horror nut, one of the first things I did was do a search of my favorite flicks. I was alarmed to discover that the majority, especially 80's cult horror films, were only available on DVD. But I don't want to wait for a DVD. I want to watch them instantly on my laptop. The Halloweens, NOES, Friday The 13ths, Critters, Chopping Mall, and many others only have the mail out DVD option. So for $2.00 more a month, which I am sure is to cover postage, I can get the movies I really want to watch. It does not make any sense. I can watch His Name Was Jason instantly, but then have to wait two days to watch Friday The 13th part 4. This is just another reason I miss walking into a brick and mortar video store. Thank God there is a Hastings just down the road. I can get my movies and an issue of Horror Hound.