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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tom Atkins To Star In Critters Remake

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New Line Pictures announced early today that Roland Emmerich will write and direct a reboot to the 1980's movie franchise Critters.
Tom Atkins is slated to star as the head intergalactic bounty hunter sent to Earth to destroy the Krites. Malcolm McDowell will handle the role of the dopey, yet loveable, mechanic Charlie. With a budget of 100 million and the production being handled by Platinum Dunes, expect a film of grand scale with numerous explosions, a sound track by Will Smith, and many large breasted women running around for no reason. When asked to comment on the film, Tom Atkins said he couldn't discuss the plot but did mention his next movie would be Day Of The Creeps. Filming on Critters begins never because this was a joke, hopefully you realized that. Happy April Fools!!


  1. Haha, you almost got me. Day of the Creeps, though... how freakin' cool would that be?

  2. You had me at Tom Atkins but made me want to vomit by announcing that Emmerich was involved. Oh wait, April fucking fools. You got me :)