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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Parasomnia Review By Dr. Carnage

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William Malone, director of the House On Haunted Hill remake and the season one Masters Of Horror episode"Fair Haired Child"returns with a brilliantly original horror movie.
Patrick Kilpatrick(Class Of 1999)stars as the evil hypnotist and serial killer Byron Volpe, who is chained in the cell of a psychiatric hospital. We are introduced to Danny, who visits the rehabilitation wing of the psychiatric hospital to visit his friend Billy. Danny decides to look in on Volpe, who seems to notice Danny even though Volpes head is covered by some sort of mask that he cannot see out of. When Danny leaves the hospital, he passes the room of Laura, a girl who suffers from parasomnia, which means she spends nearly all her life sleeping, only waking for mere seconds. Danny becomes infatuated with this sleeping beauty, and when he learns of the hospitals plans to transfer Laura as an experiment to a clinic with a bad reputation, he decides to abduct Laura and take her to his apartment. But Danny doesn't know that Volpe also loves Laura, and he has the ability to control her nightmares, so Volpe sets about bringing Laura back to him in a trail of bloodshed. This movie contains some amazing and disturbing nightmare sequences that are reminiscent of Guillmero Del Toros Pans Labyrinth, but are more disturbing and horrific. And yes, this film also has blood. Just check out the hospital massacre. Jeffery Combs also stars as the detective on the trail of Laura and Danny, and watch out for cameos from John Landis and Sean Young. This film is truly chilling and original, and the visuals will blow you away. Dr. Carnage cannot recommend this movie enough. Go get it!