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Monday, April 26, 2010

Freddy Krueger In Pop Culture Part 1

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With other sites focusing on the films of Freddy Krueger due to the impending release of the remake, I decided to focus more on the pop culture impact of the dreaded slasher icon.
So I am going to start by talking about two of his most popular toys, both produced by Matchbox at the height of his popularity.

The first is the 18 inch pull string talking Freddy. Freddy would speak one of his many famous phrases every time you pulled the string on his back. A bunch of parents complained and most toy stores pulled the item from their stock because apparently it wasn't appropriate to have a children's toy of a scorched serial killer. Go figure.

Matchbox's other main contribution was the Maxx FX doll. Boys finally had an awesome doll to torture their sister's Barbies. The concept was actually good for this one. The set came with a doll that had a resemblance to Ken, plus the pieces needed to transform him into Freddy Krueger. Freddy was just the first in what was supposed to be an entire Maxx FX line. The other dolls would have included Alien, Dracula, and Frankensteins Monster, however sluggish sales on the Freddy doll put a stop to the entire line.

Tomorrow I will take a look back at the Sideshow Toys and McFarlane Toys action figures and collector figures. Sideshow made some badass stuff.