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Monday, April 26, 2010

Brain Dead Review By Dr. Carnage

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Directed by Kevin Tenney, Brain Dead is a wickedly funny take on the alien parasite/zombie/survival horror genre. This movie is packed full of wicked one liners, over the top gore, and hilarious situations.
An asteroid burns through the sky, burning through the head of an unfortunate fisherman, the black slime contained in the asteroid envelops his brain and turns him into...yeah that's right! A brain hungry zombie! Two escaped criminals, a perverted minister and his assistant and two college girls must defend themselves and the farmhouse they are hiding in from the creatures who want to tear out their brains!Cue tons of gore as heads are split open, arms are blown off, heads are punched through, and black slime is vomited in great amounts. The movie really brings back the glory days of 80s cinema, complete with cheesy one liners and nudity galore. Oh, and more gore than an explosion in an abbatoir! And theres even an upskirt shot that I'm sure the guys out there might like, although there is a not so nice surprise that goes with it. Don't say I didn't warn you! There is also a small cameo from Chopping Malls Jim Wynorski as the sheriff. Yet again, Kevin Tenney brings us horror fans a funny, amazing, and bloody movie. If you haven't checked out his work before, go seek out Night Of The Demons and Witchboard as well as Brain Dead. Brain Dead is a fun, bloody, well made, awesomely directed and acted movie, so lets get more people to see these movies! Go get Brain Dead, I am one hundred percent sure you'll have a blast!

This review was contributed by the always awesome Dr. Carnage.