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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Classic VHS Art VS Craptastic DVD Art Volume 2

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Here is my list of 5 more classic VHS covers against their shitty DVD counterparts.

First up is the 1981 killer kid classic Bloody Birthday. The VHS art, shown above, is awesome. When I would go to the video store in my younger days, this cover would be one of the first to jump out at me. Something about a hand on top of a cake with the fingers lit up like candles was just mesmerizing. Too bad some yahoo thought the DVD just needed some photoshopped piece of crap with lettering I have on my computer. No originality at all.

Now we have The Monster Squad. The VHS above kept the poster art intact and was always a great attention grabber. All of the kids with the car and the monsters in the back ground just made you want to rent this. But on the DVD, you get a kid that wasn' t even in the movie and a picture of the monsters.

The Gate suffered in much the same way as The Monster Squad. The VHS has the cool graphic of the logo with the monster coming up through it and the DVD has a kid that wasn't even born when this film came out on the cover. Epic FAIL!!

RawHead Rex wasn't the best movie, but at least the VHS had a good clear picture of the monster. The DVD has some strange awkward looking drawing of the creatures face with a full silhouette below it. VHS wins, monster looks good and it was a Lightning Home Video release.

Last we have Alien Prey. The VHS cover is legendary, it was actually banned by many video stores and put in the "back room" in most others. A lot of people rented this film thinking they were getting an awesome gore fest just to be VERY disapointed. Back then, people rented most horror movies by the covers and blurbs on the back of the tape. If people went off the cover of the DVD shown below, it looks damn boring.