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Thursday, March 18, 2010

B Movie Madness- Motel Hell

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Farmer Vincent Smith and his younger sister Ida live on a farm/motel (The Motel Hello, but the O on the sign is constantly flickering on and off), where Vincent makes smoked meats that are proclaimed to be the most tasty and delicious in the surrounding hundred miles.
Vincent's secret, as it turns out, is human flesh, as Vincent has the areas around his motel (which are relatively isolated) strewn with various booby traps to catch unfortunate victims. The victims are then placed in a 'secret garden' where they are buried up to their necks and have their vocal cords slit so they cannot scream: Vincent keeps them until he believes they are ready and then kills them, quarters them, and cures them. Ida helps in this task, and seems to enjoy it a tad too much, whereas Vincent for the most part seems rather calm and certain in his belief he's not doing anything wrong.

The majority of the film revolves around a young couple that was caught at the opening of the film, Bo and Terry. Bo is placed in the "secret garden" while Terry is taken to the hotel to recuperate. Farmer Smith is smitten with Terry and spends most of the time trying to woo her as she believes Bo is dead. Sheriff Bruce, the farmers younger brother, doesn't know of the terrible things his brother does and he falls for Terry as well. All the while, Ida is upset with Vincent's affections for Terry and plans to bring harm to her. Does Terry find out the truth and do her and Bo escape? Does Sheriif Bruce find out what is really going on?

While this film does take cues from Psycho and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it still stays original for the most part and at least tries to take itself seriously. Motel Hell came out in 1980 and worked off a budget of $3,000,00 and was able to get a box office take of almost $7,000,000 thereby making it a success. In the later part of 2008, there was talks of doing a remake and even news that a director had been chosen but nothing has been heard now for over a year.

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