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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Attack Of The Giant Monsters- Godzilla Vs Space Godzilla

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Godzilla Vs Space Godzilla hit Japanese theaters in December of 1994 and was the sixth film of the Heisei series, which most fans agree were the best of the Godzilla movies.
In 1995, a group of soldiers and scientists are setting up at Birth Island to try Project T against Godzilla. The plan is to plant a device on Godzilla which will allow the G-Force to control the mutant dinosaur telepathically, but the project fails. Meanwhile, Mothra sends a Fairy Mothra from space to Earth, and the scout uses a message from the Cosmos to warn the humans of grave danger. A space monster is planning to destroy Godzilla and conquer Earth, and with Mothra gone, the Earth will have to rely on Godzilla to save the planet. At the same time, a space monster indeed appears and attacks a NASA space station. Moguera, created from the remains of Super Mechagodzilla, is sent out to stop the monster but is defeated.

The monster lands on Birth Island and fights Godzilla. However, Godzilla is knocked out by the monster's corona beam while protecting LittleGodzilla. LittleGodzilla is captured in a crystalline prison below ground. The monster, for unknown reasoning, retreats, with Godzilla following him, in an attempt to free his imprisoned son. The scientists discover that the space monster is a clone of Godzilla, so they name it SpaceGodzilla.

The Japanese Mafia captures psychic Miki Saegusa and brings her back to their base, in an attempt to use Project T to gain control of Godzilla. However, their plan backfires. A recovery team is successfully dispatched and Miki and the team escape before SpaceGodzilla arrives and destroys the building. SpaceGodzilla lands in Fukuoka and destroys it in a matter of minutes, creating large crystals from the ground and turning the city into its fortress. Moguera arrives to once again fight SpaceGodzilla but is still no match for it. However, Godzilla arrives and fights SpaceGodzilla. It is discovered that SpaceGodzilla is using a large tower in the city as a power source and is absorbing the energy through its shoulder crystals. After taking advantage of this weakness, Godzilla destroys SpaceGodzilla (along with Moguera) by using his spiral ray and frees LittleGodzilla. The G-force now accepts Godzilla as their new protector. Miki, with her telepathic powers, gets the control device off of Godzilla.

I thought Space Godzilla was one of the cooler monster designs, not as good as Biollante but still one of the best. Because there was so much time that the Godzilla suit was in water, the tip of the tail falls off in one scene. Aside from the suit malfunctions, this was a good movie even though the plot was a lot more convoluted than it had to be. Around the time this came out, there were plans to introduce a cartoon that would center around little Godzilla but it never took off. They have tried a Godzilla cartoon more than a few times but they never seem to last. It would help if they didn't try to make them for young kids, the stories get dumbed down too much.