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Monday, August 8, 2016

Long time no write!!

Hello to all my patients, the Dr. is in. Many things have changed over the last few years but I have still been plugging away. One thing that has been the biggest change is how I spend my free time. I still watch horror movies and tv shows, I actually just finished watching Stranger Things and I cant say enough good things about that show. But the thing I spend most of my free time on now is Magic the Gathering. It has become a small passion of mine and I started a blog about mtg that I hope you will check out
I am going to start writing on here again as well. My first article back on here will actually tie into Magic as the current storyline is very Lovecraftian in nature with a good bit of cosmic and body horror. So check out Brewing Bad and keep your eyes on here too, I have many prescriptions to fill.

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