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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chuckles Revenge Review

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I actually first heard about this movie on MySpace. One of my friends on there is Nicola Fiore, the star of the film, and I read about it on her profile. The description had me very intrigued so I decided that I had to see it.
Here is what it said: You are invited to a party. Kristen is turning 21. All of her friends will be there, and knowing Kristen, it should be a wild time. Until what started as a joke, unleashes a nightmare. A nightmare that can only end with your help. The movie arrived very quickly and I wasted no time watching it. The thing I found interesting about Chuckle's Revenge is the fact that it is an interactive movie. During the film, prompts will pop up and have you choose with your remote what actions the characters take. My first thought about this is how much fun the movie would be to watch with a group of friends. I watched it by myself and had a really great time doing it. The movie starts with a rowdy 21st birthday party for a girl named Kristen. The party is being filmed by one of her friends who asks when the stripper is going to be there. The camera girl goes around talking to other guests when a clown arrives. The camera girl is angry as they were supposed to send a stripper, not a clown. The other girls reason that the clown suit is a costume but things go ugly really quick. As Chuckles makes balloon animals, Kristen positions herself behind him and pulls his pants down. She then knees him in the groin and Chuckles is down. As he lies on the floor in pain, the other girls join in on the attack and our birthday girl proceeds to sodomize him with a bottle. We then see one year later as Chuckle's is having flashbacks of that terrible night. And thats before the title sequence! The scene then opens with a girl talking on her phone and we now get to make our first choice. We can either tell the guy she is talking to yes or no. I choose yes. Glad I did because we get a nude scene. She hops into the shower and as she rinses out her hair we notice that Chuckle's is in the bathroom. She notices a balloon animal on the floor as Chuckle's begins to hack away. We then see Kristen and a friend talking and the prompt pops up so we can make another choice. We can either smoke or drink and I choose to drink. You will have to watch the movie to find out the rest. The movie is fun and entertaining through the end. Adam Prusan created an original and well thought out movie that I really enjoyed watching. The acting was great as you could believe that all of the girls were friends and that they really had a twisted clown stalking them. The actresses in the film are all attractive and Nicola Fiore is a real beauty. I could see her going on to being a new scream queen if she wanted. I think fans of horror or just fun movies in general need to see Chuckle's Revenge.

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