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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Year Ago...

Exactly one year ago today I posted an article discussing horror and the summer blockbuster at theaters. Lets see where we stand 365 days later.
Well the start of the summer blockbuster season hasnt really been strong as of this writing. Thor debuted this past week and made over 60 million opening weekend which is a strong number but not as big an opener as super hero movies of the past few years. Fast Five is pulling strong numbers so far thanks to bringing back almost all the characters of the previous entries in the franchise. The low numbers on Thor could be attributed to a couple different things. First, of course, is the economy which is still in the tank. Or it could be the fact that Thor is one of Marvels least popular characters when it comes to the members of the Avengers. At any rate, my point is, last year I posed the question of when will a horror movie be a summer blockbuster again. With the weaker openings of more mainstream movies, a horror film might become a blockbuster this year by default. In June Super 8 opens and even though I would classify it as more of a Sci-Fi film, it does appear to have horror elements along the lines of Alien and Cloverfield. I could see Super 8 being the breakout film of the year thanks to JJ Abrhams. Also this summer we get the remake of Frightnight. Even though I hold a personal grudge against this film because I think the original is a classic, it does carry the star power to bring in the cash if marketed right. I see those two films as being our only hope this summer as far as bringing horror back to blockbuster status. I still miss going to the drive in's during the 80's. What do you guys think? What will it take to get horror back into summer blockbuster status?

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