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Monday, May 24, 2010

VHS For Sale- Some Rare Titles

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I need to buy some new tools for my construction job so I am selling some of my VHS. I hate to part with them but power tools are expensive. Below is a list with prices and I will take PayPal for payment. All are in great working condition with very good to near mint covers. Email me at with the titles you wish to buy and I will calculate shipping cost.

Lair Of The White Worm/Vestron Video/$10.00

The Mutilator/Vestron Video/Very Rare With Cool Artwork/$50.00

Night Of The Demons/Republic Home Video/$8.00

Night Of The Scarecrow/Republic Home Video/$10.00

The Offspring/IVE Home Video/$8.00

Popcorn/RCA Home Video/$8.00

Rituals/Embassy Home Video/$10.00

Salems Lot/Warner Home Video/$8.00

Shivers/Avalanche Home Video/$10.00

The Glove/Media Home Video/$10.00

Or buy them all for $100.00