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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top 5 Horror Movie One Liners

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For years now, film makers have been blending comedy and horror. Most of the time, the combination just does not work but every now and then a true gem shows up, giving us some great one liners. So for your amusement I have compiled the top 5 horror comedy one liners. I present them as video clips because no amount of writing can do them justice.

Number 5
True, every Nightmare film after part 1 seemed to insert more comedy than horror but I always found part 3 to be the perfect blend. I just wish they would have shown Zsa Zsa bite the dust.
Number 4
There were some good jokes in The Monster Squad but this one was the best in my opinion. Brent Chalem who played Horace in the film died a few years back but at least he will forever be immortalized here.
Number 3
I have heard that Roddy Piper ad-libbed that line, don't know if its true but it would not be shocking. If any of you watched the WWF in the mid 80's and caught his Pipers Pit segment, they were not scripted.
Number 2

Army Of Darkness had a number of memorable one liners but this is the one that anybody can quote or at least know what movie it came from. I am sure some of you think this should be number 1 so let the hating begin.
Number 1

One of the greatest horror movies of all had the advantage of Tom Atkins dead-pan delivery of the dialogue. A serious film that did not take itself that way. Alright, thats it for this top 5, what might you have put on this countdown?