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Friday, April 16, 2010

What If??? Day Of The Creeps

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On April Fools Day, I made up a post about Tom Atkins being part of a Critters remake and then said his next project would be Day Of The Creeps. After a lot of e-mails and comments on the matter, I decided to ask, what if there was going to be a Day Of The Creeps?
Night Of The Creeps is one of my all time favorite movies, it blended horror and comedy perfectly plus Tom Atkins was given some of the best one liners ever. At the end of NOTC if you go by the original ending, Detective Cameron played by Tom Atkins, is seen walking and badly burnt after the explosion he caused trying to kill all of the slugs. He lights up a cigarette but then falls, cracking his head open for a few slugs to escape. The slugs are seen going into a graveyard with the Alien ship they escaped from searching for them with a giant spotlight. I think it would be cool to have Day Of The Creeps start the next morning with many of the fresh corpse from the graveyard being infected and reanimated by the slugs, hence Day Of The Creeps. The theatrical ending to NOTC left Det. Cameron's fate ambiguous so if you base it off that ending, he could come back having escaped the explosion. If not, Tom Atkins could play Det. Camerons twin brother who works for the FBI or something. Sorry, Tom Atkins has to be in the movie. The rest of the film would find Tom Atkins, Jason Lively and Jill Whitlow's characters fending off the zombie and slug invasion until the aliens help them put a stop to it. Thats some of my idea, now I want to know what our readers think. How would you expand on the plot line for Day Of The Creeps? What other actors or characters would you like to see in the film? You never know, a sequel could happen. Fred Dekker has stated he would love to do a sequel and wouldn't touch a remake.