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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Human Centipede To Be A Trilogy

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Well, it looks like one of the most original and disturbing horror films of the year will be the first part of a trilogy.
The Human Centipede will open in a limited release on April 30th, the same day as the new Nightmare, so I guess I will have to see 2 movies that day. Anyway, Tom Six has stated that he is about to start filming the sequel to The Human Centipede and then will work on the third. He already has plenty of cringe inducing moments planned for the movies and had this to say about the sequel, “The first film will seem like My Little Pony compared to what we do with the sequel. There will be a lot of black humor, and I’m excited as a director to see how far I can push audiences. We start shooting this June in London, and we’re looking to release the sequel before the end of the year if post-production goes well.” Make the first film look like My Little Pony? I can only imagine.