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Friday, April 23, 2010

Press Release About Independent Horror Film Eyes In The Dark

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Troy, Alabama - April 22, 2010 - The Alabama International Film Festival held during TroyFest will show the world premiere for Seattle director, Bjorn Anderson's new independent horror film, “Eyes in the Dark,” on April 25th at 3:25pm.

The 78-minute movie was filmed in the Pacific Northwest, mainly in the forests of the Cascade Mountains.

Anderson hopes that his films will bring tourists and other filmmakers to the Northwest. “I feel that the world hasn’t really been exposed to the natural beauty that is up here, and when the world takes notice, there’s going to be a great influx of films coming here,” he said.

The director also wrote the script for "Eyes in the Dark" after months of nightmares where he was chased through the woods. He said, "the vividness and reality of my nightmare is what I wanted to convey above all else."

The film’s plot features an unknown force hunting down seven college students on vacation in the mountains.

“I’ve always found that our own imaginations can come up with something far creepier than anything we can put up on screen,” said Anderson. “So following this rule, I limited the exposure of the creature to the audience. You never really see what is out there, and when we don’t know what we are facing, our natural reaction is fear.”

"Eyes in the Dark" will be the last feature film shown at the 2nd annual Alabama International Film Festival in The Studio on Walnut Street before the awards ceremony on Sunday. Attendance to the movie is free and open to the public, however children should not attend due to the frightening action and explicit language in the movie. For more information about the festival visit

Bjorn Anderson is the owner of Emerald City Pictures, which serves as a video production company in the Seattle area. "Eyes in the Dark" is also an official selection for Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival showing in June. This is Bjorn Anderson second feature film following the medieval epic "Warrior's End." For more information about the movie visit