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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Blackest Night #8 Review

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Well, we finally made it to the eighth and final issue of The Blackest Night.
Over the course of a year, writer Geoff Johns has brought back some of the DC universe's greatest heroes as an undead army wrought on bringing an end to all life and also made second rate villain Black Hand a force to be reckoned with. In this issue, we see Sinestro try to be the hero he always thought he was meant to be, just to see him brought down again because of his massive ego. So, of course, it is up to uber Lantern Hal Jordan to be the savior of the universe once more. It is revealed that the only way Nekron can even be in power is when he has a tether, which is the way he was using Black Hand. When Hal Jordan binds with the White Light, he transforms himself and the converted Black Lantern heroes into the White Lanterns. Together, they focus all of their energy on Black Hand successfully bringing him back to life, therefore severing the tie he had with Nekron. A white ring spews forth from Black Hand's mouth and tears into Nekrons heart, killing him, at least for now... Aside from Black Hand, the White Light also brought back 12 heroes and villains from death's grip. Included among those is Deadman, no longer dead, and he is the only one wearing a white ring still... Thus leads us into The Brightest Day. I really enjoyed this whole series. I have read other reviews where they didn't like the ending. My only question to them is do you think that DC was going to let some of their top heroes stay dead? This story arc wasn't meant to be an ending to anything but rather a start to a new direction. Between Geoff Johns writing and Ivan Reis art, The Blackest Night and it's tie-ins delivered issue after issue. I look forward to The Brightest Day, especially when it comes to Deadman, The White Lanterns, and what the Indigo Tribe is really all about.