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Monday, March 15, 2010

What Makes A Horror Movie Scary?

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Submitted by Dr. Carnage

Now here's a question many horror fans and non horror fans have asked me, but its one I never seem to be able to answer.
For me, the only film to have ever terrified me(and it still does to this day)is John Carpenter's Halloween. I have no idea why this is, but ever since i saw a trailer for the movie when i was young, it just scares me to death(and yes, I make a point of watching it every month). I think its the combination of the mask and the music. Yes, the music. Try watching Halloween without it and the film completely changes in tone. It truly proves the mastery of John Carpenters soundtrack, he actually instills tension and fear with his music, as well as the images on screen.

Many films have played on my mind, like Martyrs. Personally, I feel the film just exploited the so called torture porn genre(a term which i in no way agree with)and just tried to go as far as possible, while loosing all semblances of plot which it had created. It seems that nowadays horror is being based much more in reality with films like Saw, Inside, etc, keeping horror in the real world.

As for this whole torture porn thing? The title of this genre is redundant. For one, torture was never used as a method to kill, it was used as a method to extract information. And where does the porn thing come from??? I feel that this term was probably made by some Hollywood big wig to try and make these films seem more daring and violent than they really are. I mean, come on, who actually thought Hostel was really violent or gory???

I guess what draws us back to horror is the need to be scared/to see the dark side of our nature. Maybe to keep it at bay, or maybe just out of curiosity. Is being scared an integral part of being a horror fan?? If it is then i am obviously not a true fan. But my love of horror has grown and grown over the years.

I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this subject, as it interests me(and I am sure it would other people)what draws us into horror. For me, its seeing the monster up on the screen. That embodiment of pure evil, unable to be stopped. And don't forget, please support underground horror. We need these up and coming guys and girls. They are the future of horror. Maybe somewhere in there is the next Lucio Fulci or Sam Raimi.