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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What The Hell???? The Twilight Craze

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I will be straight up with you now, if you are a fan of Twilight then you might not want to read this post. On to my ranting.
Why in the blue hell do horror websites, mainstream or otherwise, feel they have to sell out to teeny boppers and report on all the latest Twilight happenings? I have seen post after post of Twilight bullshit on almost all of the "Big Horror Sites". Oh did you hear, Robert Pattinson took a shit today!! I wonder if he needs us to wipe his ass?? It's the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. I have heard them use the argument, "Well, the films are about vampires and werewolves, they are bringing new fans to horror." The kids and desperate housewives that watch Twilight don't give a shit about horror. The only thing the films do effectively is make vampires look like sparkling pussies. I would not fear some pretty boy who glistens in the sun more than a stripper who uses too much body glitter. If the Twilight fans want to see werewolves and vampires, they need to watch Salems Lot and An American Werewolf In London. Fuck Twilight, fuck the cougars who get wet for those bitches, fuck the sellouts and long live real horror!

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  1. Twilight is awesome, long live MTV!...just kidding. I never understood the whole tween craze when it comes to (that hour and a half mtv vid)or any other movies in general. To me it's a franchise that keeps popping up year after year for diehard tweeners (tweenagers? spoiled kids? who cares) who can't resist to fork out endless amount of plastic cash on this pointless turd, not to mention books, soundtracks, clothes etc. Hate to say it, but as long as Hollywood does horror, most turns to shit for cash.