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Friday, March 12, 2010

Awesome Overseas DVD's Not Available Here

It's bad enough we don't even get a current release of this film, but they get a special edition with kick ass cover art!! A US copy will set you back about $30.00 used and up to $100.00 new. You would be better off going to Amazon UK.

This set doesn't even need an introduction as I am sure most horror fans are aware of it. This has to be one of the best packaging ideas I have ever see. They got this and a regular box set while we just get the single discs. Hell, part 2 just finally hit DVD here last year!!

Yes, every Critters movie is available here, but not as a complete box set!!

How is it that the greatest anthology horror film ever just got a standard cheapo snap case release here but the UK got a deluxe 2 disc special edition with slip cover?? And this thing is hella cheap too!!

Hell, the only release we have of this film is still on VHS. Even though C.H.U.D. 2 was sub par to the first one, the movie was still entertaining and deserves at least a bare bones release here.

Why in the blue hell, with Bruce Campbell being our collective hero, do we not have this collection available here?!? I think it should have included Army Of Darkness but I still love every film in this thing.

Coolest. Fucking. Case. EVER!! This japan exclusive 25th anniversary box set of Alien comes with all the movies of the quadrilogy and comes packaged inside a replica alien head with see through plastic dome lined with felt to protect the movies. This will set you back at least $200.00 new but isn't it worth it?

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