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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Top Ten Made-For-TV Horror Movies

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Our Top Ten this week deals with the best in made-for-TV horror. There have been many great ones, but only the best could make this list.

10. Storm Of The Century/1999/ABC- Stars Tim Daly(Wings) as the constable of the small community of Little Tall Island. A menacing stranger who calls himself Andre Linoge has come into town and knows everyones dark secrets. He will go away, but only if he is given one of the townspeoples children... This was the last King miniseries that I cared about watching and one of his best. The plot was creepy and I liked the fact that a little bit of history was thrown in.

9. The Screaming Woman/1972/ABC- Stars Olivia de Havillandand as a former mental patientwho has travelled to her country estate to recuperate. While there, she discovers that a woman has been buried alive on her property. Wynant tries to inform others of what she has found but nobody believes her, and her family begins to suspect a relapse in her mental condition. The tension in this movie is so thick you can cut it with a knife, a must see.

8. Something Evil/1972/CBS- One of the only movies directed by Steven Spielberg never to be released on home video, Something Evil stars Darren McGavin(Kolchak) and is about A married couple with two young children who move into a Pennsylvania farmhouse that turns out to be inhabited by demons. An awesome pre Kolchak performance by Darren McGavin.

7. It/1990/ABC- The best of all of the King miniseries, It features an all star cast featuring John Ritter and Harry Anderson with Tim Curry playing the sinister Pennywise the clown. A group of friends, known as The Losers, face the evil Pennywise in their youth and are drawn back in adulthood to finally defeat him once and for all.

6. Salems Lot/1979/CBS- Yet another Stephen King miniseries, this was the film that made vampires scary again after all of the romantic and exploitation vampire movies of the 70's. The look is about as close as you can get to Nosferatu. Directed by Tobe Hooper.

5. Trilogy Of Terror/1975/ABC- This one is so high on the list because of the final short that stars Karen Black. She gets a Zuni hunter doll that ends up being one of the most evil killer dolls ever seen in horror and the ending is still shocking to this day.

4. Bad Ronald/1974/ABC- Stars Scott Jacoby and is a creepy, voyeuristic horror movie. You can read our review of it HERE

3. Don't Go To Sleep/1982/ABC- Stars Valerie Harper and Dennis Weaver as a couple who has suffered the loss of their oldest daughter. As everyone tries to heal, the younger daughter starts hearing and seeing her dead sister, too bad she isn't a nice ghost.

2. Dark Night Of The Scarecrow/1981/CBS- Stars Larry Drake(Dr. Giggles, Darkman) as a mentally challenged man who is killed by a lynch mob for a crime he didn't commit. To the dismay of his killers, he comes back for revenge...

1. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark/1973/ABC- This movie will mess people up to this day. It might be made-for-TV and be almost 40 years old but it is still scary as hell. Stars Kim Darby as a woman who moves into an old house and is attacked by small craetures that only she seems to see and hear. Someone else knows the secret of the creatures though and the fireplace they come out of should have stayed sealed...

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  1. I freakin LOVE that Zuni Fetish Doll...I own one. And what did I do the second It arrived.....I 'removed' the chain! :O