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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

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My name is Matt Acosta, I am the director/writer of “Psycho Ex-Girlfriend”. Psycho Ex-Girlfriend is a new indie-horror film that will start filming later this year. The film is based on a fear that when you break-up, your ex will go psycho and kill you and all your friends.
I feel most people have a crazy ex-girlfriend or boyfriend story and can relate to this film. Of course, I over exatrated the situation by making the psycho ex an undead, hell bent witch. This film will be my 35mm love letter to the awesome, fun monster & slasher films from the 1980’s VHS boom.


Chase Roberts has just dumped Madison Black, his girlfriend that he has been dating for the last 2 weeks. Madison Black is a 17-year-old undead Witch and thanks to Chase, Madison is no longer a virgin. Now she is pissed off and filled with hate.

Madison wants her revenge.Now its Friday, schools out and a newly single Chase and his friends decide to celebrate in the big city; but Madison Black has other plans for them.

Murder, Mayhem & Violence ENSUES!

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