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Monday, March 8, 2010

Italian Horror- Isle Of The Damned

This week, we look at a film that is a spoof of the Italian Giallo films from the 70's and 80's. Isle Of The Damned has garnered a lot of interest and awards form the various film circuits and is actually one of the best horror comedies I have seen in a long time. The film makers claim that this was a long lost film from 1980 that was just found and restored, though to clear up any confusion, this is a new movie that was made to look like a throwback. Here is the synopsis: In Antonello Giallo's follow up to the notorious Pleasures of the Damned, private investigator Jack Steele is hired by a mysterious treasure hunter to help find the lost treasure of Marco Polo. Along for the trip is Jack's adopted son, Billy. Their search brings them to an island off the coast of Argentina... and into the clutches of a primitive cannibal tribe, the Yamma Yamma. Alexis Kinkaid, a mysterious recluse who has made his home on the island amongst the cannibals, may hold the key to unlocking the island's secret... if they don't end up in the belly of a savage first! Isle of the Damned, shot on location in Argentina in 1980, brought Giallo under fire yet again... this time by the Argentinean government, who issued a warrant for Giallo's arrest under suspicions of abuse of the native peoples. Giallo fled the country before he could go to trial. The film has been long out of print, but is now available in a restored DVD version. I will be doing a full review of this film soon. To check out the poster and trailer, head over to our site at Dr. Goremans