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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blackest Night #7 Review

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The Blackest Night continues as Nekron, the ruler of the dead, has total control over the Guardians.
He asks one of them why he vowed to guard the universe and the guardian replies, "I do not remember." The corps fire their respective lights at Nekron but to no avail. Black Hand shows up to fight the corps and remembers Atrocitus from the day he first saw Hal Jordan. Atrocitus says he remembers him too stating, "You are the doorway to the black. I tried to end this a long time ago.." Black Hand plunges his hand into Atrocitus to tear out his heart but finds nothing, not knowing that the red ring is Atrocitus' heart now. Hal Jordan saves Atrocitus as the Scarecrow plunges a pitchfork construct through Black Hand. It looks as though Scarecrow might actually win when Lex Luthor, under total control of greed, wants the yellow ring Scarecrow is weilding. Luthor takes the yellow ring and then goes after Mera to take her red ring. The story then moves to another part of the city as the Teen Titans and Dove are fighting the Black Lanterns. It is revealed that Dove has to only be near them to destroy them. She thinks that maybe she can damage the black central battery by touching it. As she lays her hand on it, she screams in pain as electricity surges through it while a figure is seen trying to escape it. We then see that Nekron has slit the throat of a Guardian and then tears out it's heart and places it in the middle of a diagram that looks like the Black Lantern symbol, only a little different. Nekron then says, "Trespasser. Rise!" A bright, white figure emerges from the ground and we learn that it is The Entity. The Entity is the living light bestowed upon this universe that triggered existence itself. I won't give away the last two pages, but I will say that we get to see Sinestro become the hero he was destined to be. Geoff Johns has turned Green Lantern into the greatest hero of the DCU. Every issue he writes just enriches the mythos of the character. The Blackest Night is the best storyline I have read so far and I really don't see anything topping it. We only have one issue to go before we get to see Brightest Day and I am looking forward to every moment of it.

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