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Friday, March 12, 2010

10 Obscure Zombie Films You've Never Seen

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Dr. Carnage shows us 10 obscure zombie films you must see if you are a fan of cult cinema.

1:Buttcrack- This is a Troma movie which tells the tale of a man who murders his overweight roommate, only for him to be resurrected by the fat guys sister who brings him back  with a voodoo spell.

2:Morbus- A scientist creates a formula that resurrects the dead, but it has the unfortunate side effect of turning them into flesh eating zombies.

3:Gore XXX- A living dead girl walks the streets as a zombie XXX. Cue penis slicing. Woo Hoo!!

4:Death Warmed Up- A mad brain surgeon operates on people, turning them into crazed zombie killers.

5:Damonenbrut(Demon Terror)- A fun low budget German zombie movie,with demonic living dead creatures who spread their contagion with long sharp teeth, drills that perforate skulls and tentacles that appear from nowhere.

6:Kiss Daddy Goodbye- After their father is killed by a gang of bikers, two psychic kids bring his corpse back from the grave to get revenge.

7:Sugar Hill- After the mention of Blackula, I had to include the first blaxploitation zombie movie!! Heavy handed drug lords beat sugar hills fiancé to death. She calls on voodoo god Baron Samedi to get revenge.

8:Vengeance Of The Zombies- Paul Naschy is an Indian fakir turning the daughters of ex-Indian colonials into zombies.

9:Hellgate- A girl raped and murdered in the 1950s is bought back to life to wreak revenge on the living.

10:Demonium- This is a real gore fest. It is about the struggle between heirs of a wealthy man(who is now back from the dead)cue blood and guts galore. From the German master of splatter Andreas Schnaas.

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